Cleaning Kitchen worktops and cabinets

In 2020, the world had to sit up and take note of health, hygiene and sanitisation protocols more than ever before. COVID-19 has made us all aware of germs, viruses and other nasties that can lurk on hands or surfaces. But while it’s good to keep kitchen countertops and cabinets clean, it’s important not to damage them (or compromise food safety) with abrasive or toxic products.

PG Bison has put together some helpful information to help you find a healthy balance in your home.

Kitchen worktops

Formica® LifeSeal® Worktops are PG Bison’s post-form worktop solution. We designed them to provide an unbeatable, low-maintenance, durable and dependable work surface that is also easy to clean and hygienic.

With its closed surface, simply wiping it down with a damp cloth is enough to free it of stains and leave it hygienically clean as kitchens should be.

It’s important not to use scouring and abrasive agents on your kitchen counters. Avoid abrasive powders, scouring pads and steel wool. Also steer clear of washing powder, furniture cleaner and bleach, detergents with strong acids and acidic salts, steam cleaning equipment and solvents.

Use a mild soap (still the best weapon against COVID-19!) and water, with a soft cloth, to keep your kitchen worktops in tip-top condition.

MelaWood® kitchen cabinets

If your kitchen cupboards are made with PG Bison’s MelaWood® (including MelaWood® SupaMatt™, MelaWood® SupaGloss™, and MelaWood® SupaTexture™) the 100% closed melamine-resin surface provides an excellent impervious barrier. It does not require any special maintenance or cleaning products.

You can simply use a damp, soft, lint-free cloth to remove daily grime, followed by an absorbent soft paper towel or microfibre cloth to dry. To deal with more stubborn dirt, use a mild soap and water solution with a soft cloth, followed by a damp cloth to remove any soapy streaks, followed by an absorbent soft paper towel or microfibre cloth to dry.

Although you might be tempted to try to remove any stains or marks with products like acetone or harsh chemical cleaners, this can damage the finish on the MelaWood®.

To find the best way to clean your specific PG Bison MelaWood® products, we’ve created handy PDF guides with the care and cleaning information summarised for each. You can access them here:

New: MelaWood® Anti-Bacterial

PG Bison understands that our customers want healthy, hygienic homes and workplaces, and so we’ve developed a special new antibacterial additive to give you an even deeper level of protection.

This additive is blended into our locally manufactured melamine resin, destroying any bacteria that may come to rest on the surface of the MelaWood® within hours. This additional built-in protective layer makes MelaWood® Anti-Bacterial the perfect solution for hygiene-sensitive, high-traffic areas, such as healthcare facilities, office spaces, schools, restaurants, retail environments and even at home.

Our anti-bacterial additive is introduced during production, so it’s integral to the finished product and not just a surface coating, making it extremely effective. It inhibits the microbial growth of bacteria, especially when compared to porous substrates such as wood or stone. Naturally, the melamine surface must still be kept clean with standard soap cleaners or alcohol-based disinfectants.

PG Bison’s MelaWood® Anti-Bacterial additive is food safe and has been shown to be especially effective against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli bacteria. For more information on PG Bison MelaWood® Anti-Bacterial, view our digital flyer here, or contact your regional salesperson.


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